Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grouts

MAPEI is one of the top manufacturers of Grouts , sealants and Adhesives with certification for quality and commitment to the environment.

Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grouts - Colour Chart

Ultracolor Plus is a fast setting and drying flexible polymer modified anti-efflorescence grout for joints from 2mm - 20mm. Its water repellent with drop Effect and anti-mould with Bioblock technology.
Available in 31 colours and suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor grouting of ceramic tiles, porcelain, terracotta, stone material, glass and marble. Not suitable for Tiles with soft decorative glazes or metallic tiles.

Technical Data

Pot life of mix : 20 -25 minutes
Waiting time before finishing : 15 -30 minutes
Set to light foot traffic: approx 3 hours
Ready for use : 24 Hours approx
Application : Rubber float
Finishing : Mapei Sponge or Scotch-Brite pad
Storage : 12 months ( 23kg bags) or 24 months for the 2kg and 5 kg bags
Consumption ; Dependant on the size of the joints